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Do You Like:

Boats and Boating? Rowing, Swimming or Fishing? The thought of learning to Cruise, Operate and Maintain a 90' ship? Competing to test your skills against other like minded individuals?

Would You Like to Learn More About:

Operating a 90' ship in the San Francisco Bay & Delta, and even up and down the western coast from Canada to Mexico? Mechanical Maintenance skills on engines small to large, along with Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical System Maintenance and Repair? Welding, Ship handling and Other Trade Skills? Knot Tying, Safety & Rescue Techniques and Seamanship? Navigation and Map Reading Skills? A possible career in the Maritime Industry?

http://joannjansen.com/division-homework/ We do all of these things and more. If you are considering a career in the Coast Guard, Navy, or maritime industry and would like to learn more about it, or if you would just like to participate in our regatta competitions (think track meet with a nautical focus and mental and physical competitions), dances/rendezvous (Sea Scouts have female crews too), and cruises, then you should check out Sea Scouts! Our 90' ship (the S.S.S. Chaser) has one of the top programs in the country - you can be a part of this too! To join, the Chaser you must be a male, 14-18 years of age, and have an interest in being a part of our program. The Chaser does not have a female crew option, however we can refer interested young women to programs like ours that do.

You are invited to join us for our Wednesday meeting.  See the ship, meet the crew, find out what it's like to be a member of the Sea Scout Ship Chaser.

We meet from 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. at our Sea Scout Base, 402 Riverside Drive, in Napa.  Check our Calendar for possible changes to our schedule.

As a member of the ship, you will be expected to pay for your uniform, ship dues, personal equipment and expenses.  A Uniform Deposit of $100 and the Boy Scouts of America registration fee of $24 are required with your application.  Your Uniform Deposit will be used to provide a dress blue uniform and, upon reaching Apprentice rank, a Sea Scout Manual.  You will be expected to provide your own blue "Dickeys" working uniform and regatta T-shirt.

We are a busy cruising ship and are underway about 55 days per year.  Your annual program cost is typically $500.  Costs for our annual Summer Cruise will be an additional $400 to $500.  As you might well expect, cruise costs are subsidized by donations and fund raisers.

For additional information contact Mr. Shellhorn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.