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Do You Like:

Boats and Boating? Rowing, Swimming or Fishing? The thought of learning to Cruise, Operate and Maintain a 90' ship? Competing to test your skills against other like minded individuals?

Would You Like to Learn More About:

Operating a 90' ship in the San Francisco Bay & Delta, and even up and down the western coast from Canada to Mexico? Mechanical Maintenance skills on engines small to large, along with Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical System Maintenance and Repair? Welding, Ship handling and Other Trade Skills? Knot Tying, Safety & Rescue Techniques and Seamanship? Navigation and Map Reading Skills? A possible career in the Maritime Industry?

The crew is holding weekly Regatta practices leading up to the 2015 Regatta season. Every Sunday morning at 0900 you will find the crew in the regatta field at the Napa Sea scout base practicing their regatta events and skills. If you are interested in the program this is an excellent opportunity to see the crew in action. If you are between 14 and 18 years old and interested in joining the Chaser, this is a perfect opportunity to join in the program.

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It is vitally important that all crew members have a current Emergency Contact form on file with the ship. This gives the ship the proper info to contact parents or guardians, along with info to pass along to medical providers in case of emergency. Please fill out this form and return it to the ship at the next meeting, and update and replace it anytime this info changes.

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Regular crew meetings for the Chaser occur on Wednesday nights at 1900 Hours, completing by 2130. Meetings are held at the Napa Sea Scout Hall 402 Riverside Dr. Napa, CA.  If you want to see what Sea Scouting is about feel free to come down to a meeting to check out our ship and our program.

Our ship is continuing to grow and expand. On January 28th we had 11 crew at the meeting, including 1 new crew member. 

Will we see you next week?

The new edition of the Sea Scout Manual is available for PDF download at There are also links there to supplemental materials to help with advancement.

If you would like a Hard Copy of the Manual, please let Mr Love know, currently they are $30, and will need to be ordered.