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Summer Cruise 2016 is underway. the Chaser left Napa on July 3rd, and met up with the Northland at their base in Richmond, CA. After being joined by the Makai of San Lorenzo, CA (home-ported in Alameda, CA), the 3 vessels departed for Santa Cruz, CA, and arrived uneventfully the morning of July 4th.

here At 0600 on July 5th the fleet Departed Santa Cruz, with the addition of the SSS Steeves, of Santa Cruz. Several Hours later the Makai developed fuel problems that necessitated the Chaser taking her in tow, and assisting her in returning to Monterey, CA for fuel system repairs. The Makai anticipates rejoining the fleet upon completion of their repairs. After dropping the Makai off in Monterey the Chaser headed back south to rejoin the remaining two vessels in the fleet, with an anticipated arrival in San Pedro Harbor, berth 84 at 2300 Hours on July 6th.

Stay Tuned for more from 2016's Summer Cruise.

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This is Sea scouting in action!

click here Feb2015Cruise_1The joint crew of the boys of the Chaser and The Konocti Phoenix (from Lake County) cruised the Chaser on February 6th through the 8th 2015. The rainy weather only put water on the boat not on the spirits of this young crew. A total of 20 people on board. A weekend of anchoring at Paradise Kay, drills, food, more drills, more food, fun and games , teaching and learning. It was a good cruise for all.

Carl Shellhorn
Skipper, SSS chaser